Best Braces for Tennis Elbow 2021 Review & Guide

Looking for good quality tennis elbow brace to relieve pain? which should you buy? and when should you wear it?
We will guide you through the different types of tennis elbow braces to threath elbow pain and elbow injuries.
There are many types of tennis elbow supports:
Elbow pad, elbow sleeve, hinged brace, strap and armband.
Usually made of neoprene, nylon, spandex, silicone and leather.
It is important that you understand the differences so that you can choose the ideal and best tennis elbow brace that suits you and your specific needs.

In this guide, we have selected some of the best braces for tennis elbow in 2021.

Simien Braces for Tennis Elbow

Best Brace for Tennis Elbow 2021 Reviews & Guide

Kicking off the toplist with our recommendation for the best overall brace for tennis elbow.
The Simien elbow brace smart provides support by putting direct pressure on the targeted muscle at your arm (the tendon), which allows more mobility and natural movements when working out.
Provides a comprehensive support and elbow pain relief, it’s comfortable to wear and effective to threath tennis elbow.

Made of high quality 65% neoprene and 35% nylon for a comfortable fit and does not slip around like budget elbow braces does.
A compact and lightweight brace with one size fit all, from small women to larger men.

Simple but effective design, with it’s Velcro it’s easy to adjust it during exercises if you need a tighter or looser amount of support.

The brace is sold as 2-count pack and you also get a a free sweat wristband and the E-book called “Addressing tennis elbow pain” if purchase Simien elbow brace on

In our review of Simien tennis elbow brace we don’t really have anything negative to say.

  • Compact and lightweight
  • Provides quality compression to the elbows
  • Allows for flexible and natural movements
  • Bonus included: Sweatband and eBook
  • Affordable 
  • Negatives
    • Does not cure the more serious elbow injury

    The McDavid 489 Elbow Strap for Tennis Elbow

    Mcdavid tennis elbow strap review and guide

    McDavid’s 489 elbow brace is the real deal when it comes to elbow support braces.

    This elbow strap features dual sorbothane pads. These pads are for the efficency as they put targeted pressure where you need it.
    The brace has a flat-seam construction to make it more comfortable to wear. Cheaper made products have seams that digs into your skin.
    No pinching while wearing and moving, actually you may even forget that you are wearing it which is a great.

    The brace helps to relieve pain and negative elbow symptoms caused by muscle tension and stress.
    It’s great for multiple sports, like tennis, golf, basketball and fitness exercises.

    McDavid is a well-known brand in the sports medicine market.
    They have many copycats trying to imitate their support braces.
    You should not get confused by them, they may look the same but they are not made the same, quality is just not there.

    Provides legit support for tennis elbow and deserves to be at number two on our toplist of the best brace for tennis elbow.

    • Compact and Lightweight
    • Quality compression
    • Has two pads for trouble spots
    • No pinching while wearing and moving
    • Easy to adjust
  • Negatives
    • May be too small for bigger men

    Mueller Fully Adjustable Elbow Brace

    Mueller adjustable elbow support review

    The Mueller elbow support is a full wrap around neoprene brace.
    Adjustable to fit everyone, though we find that it may be too small for larger men.

    This brace may be uncomfortable to wear for some tennis players during a workout
    because it’s a bit bulky. But the neoprene brace is perfect to wear after exercise to speed up recovery
    and relieve tension on the elbow.
    But works like a charm for basketball, golf, gym workouts, and fitness exercises.

    Overall a great choice if you need full elbow brace support that covers the whole elbow.

    • Affordable price
    • Provides quality elbow compression support
    • Full elbow support 
  • Negatives
    • may be too small for larger men
    • may be too bulky for tennis, badminton

    WITKEEN 2-Pack Tennis Elbow Braces

    WITKEEN 2-Pack Tennis Elbow Brace review

    The high-quality tennis elbow brace from WITKEEN is made of 80% neoprene and 20% nylon.
    Provides a perfect fit to relieve muscle tension and pain caused due to tennis elbow and prevent future elbow injuries.

    A well made elbow brace, better than most look-alike braces.
    You do get a silicone hand gripper as a bonus in you purchase WITKEEN elbow braces on

    • Lightweight and comfortable
    • Unique 2-strap design
    • 60-days money back guarantee
    • Hand gripper included as a bonus 
  • Negatives
    • The Velcro strap may be too small for larger men

    Venom Strapped Elbow Compression Sleeve

    Venom elbow compression sleeve review

    Venom Strapped elbow compression sleeve provides excellent support that covers the whole elbow.

    The Venom strapped elbow compression sleeve is useful for many things:
    Support for tendonitis pain, tennis elbow, golfers elbow, arthritis, buritis and elbow support for weightlifting.

    • Made of high quality material
    • Provides excellent elbow compression support for the whole elbow
    • Great for mulitple sports
  • Negatives
    • Leaves deep dents in the skin if worn too long
    • Does not allow for great circulation

    Kunto Fitness Elbow Compression Sleeve

    Kunto Fitness Elbow support sleeve

    Kunto fitness elbow compression brace is more of an elbow sleeve than an elbow brace.
    The brace is made with nylon, spandex and rubber.

    It applies an even amount of pressure around the whole elbow join.
    Perfect for pain relief, reducing inflammation and to speed up recovery.

    This is a great choice if you need an elbow support that covers your whole elbow and not just the targeted area.

    • Made of high quality material
    • Provides great, even support that covers the whole elbow
    • Good for multiple activities 
  • Negatives
    • May be too bulky for tennis, badminton, table tennis

    Tennis Elbow Brace 2-pack by PlayActive

    PlayActive Tennis Elbow Brace review

    Tennis Elbow Braces with compression pad by PlayActive Sports.

    Great elbow strap band to relieve tendonitis and forearm pain after playing
    Tennis and Golf.

    Does not offer any support for any major type of tennis elbow or elbow injury.

    Bonus: includes two elbow support braces and E-Guide


    • Compact and lightweight
    • Pain relief for forearm pain and tendonitis
    • Good price
    • Bonus included if purchase on Amazon.: Sweatband and eBook 
  • Negatives
    • Does not provide quality support
    • Does not help against major elbow pain or injuries

    Which is The Best Brace for Tennis Elbow

    After years of testing, reviewing and researching, we decided to put together a top-list of the very best braces for tennis elbow in 2021.

    Even though it is called tennis elbow, people that play all different kinds of sports suffers from chronic elbow pain.
    Most common is tennis, badminton, paddle tennis, golf, gym- and fitness exercises.

    There are a variety of different types of tennis elbow braces on the market.
    Below are the different types of elbow support  that you should know about.

    The Elbow Pad
    The elbow pad is necessary to secure your elbow during intense workouts by providing tight support.
    The padding keeps  the elbow well-stabilized during swinging motion and ensuring minimal pain.
    Benefits of the elbow pad is that it’s not bulky and generally more comfort for tennis.

    The Elbow Sleeve
    Tennis elbow sleeve is usually made of neoprene and unlike elbow pad’s it covers the whole elbow.
    The benefits with elbow sleeves are that they’re good for relieving muscle tension and provides warmth to the elbow which reduces the risk injury.
    The downside of tennis elbow sleeve is that it may be too bulk to play racket sports with as it may hinge your movements.
    Elbow sleeves are more often used for weightlifting, but they are very useful if you need an elbow support that covers more than just your elbow.

    The Hinged Tennis Elbow Brace
    Hinged elbow brace is the choice for those in need of support for a hyper-extended elbow.
    It is designed to prevent your elbow from overextending which can re-injury your elbow and cause damage in the long term.

    Tennis Elbow Strap
    The strap type of tennis elbow brace provides even more support to the joint, to keep it steady and protected.
    Usually features one or two Velcro straps to make it easy to adjust.

    The Price:
    Does the price of the tennis elbow brace matchup with it’s quality and performance?
    But the price in relation to the brace quality is a big factor when we review and rank the best best brace for tennis elbow.

    The Materials of Tennis Elbow Braces

    Nylon and Spandex
    Some of the best tennis elbow braces are made of nylox and spandex.
    The benefit of those two materials is a lightweight support that adjusts temperature regulation.
    Nylon and spandex together have unique fiber moisture that ensure that the elbow remains dry even during hot climate.

    Neoprene material
    Elbow compression support made of neoprene is very comfortable to wear and the material is very durable.
    The downside of neoprene material is that they tends to get very warm if worn for longer exercises.
    Neoprene is more often used for weightlifting, basketball and baseball.


    Tennis elbow braces made of silicone lining are comfortable to wear and grips tightly to the skin without discomfort.
    This type of elbow brace is effective as pain relief and to add some additional joint support.

    Ultimately the best brace for tennis elbow is the one that best suits you after your specific needs.
    If you have a more serious elbow injury and support brace is not working, then you should consulate to your doctor.

    We believe this guide will help you to buy the best brace for tennis elbow in 2021, after your specific needs.

    The benefits of wearing a tennis elbow brace

    Although it’s called tennis elbow, athletes of other sports suffers from it aswell. Including all racket sports like badminton, paddle tennis, squash,  but also golf players, baseboll, gym- and fitness athletes. By wearing a tennis elbow brace you reduces the risk of injury and keep your elbows healthy and efficient.

    The main purpose of an elbow brace is to put direct compression support direct to the outer side of the elbow.
    This pressure provides support to extensor muscles and reduces the risks of elbow injuries.
    High quality made elbow brace relieves tensions of the muscles at the point they attach to the lateral epicondyle and in that way reduces elbow pains.
    Elbow brace also speeds up recovery by providing warmth to the muscles. Studies have shown that applying heat to the muscle increases healing time.

    Many people suffers from tennis elbow pain, it is most common for tennis players but athletes of other sports suffers from it as well.
    It usually happens due to repeated movements of the muscles of the forearm. It’s clinically known as lateral epicondylitis.
    The best way to prevent it is to wear a legit tennis elbow brace, but there are few other ways which you can about here: prevent tennis elbow.

    What causes tennis elbow pain?

    Tennis elbow is caused by overloading the tendons outside of the elbow.
    Usually happens due to repeated movements of the muscles of the arm and wrist.
    It’s clinically known as lateral epicondylitis.
    Many people suffers from tennis elbow pain, it is most common for tennis players but athletes of other sports suffers from it as well.

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