Best Knee Sleeves for Weightlifting and Powerlifting 2021

Looking for which knee sleeve to buy? aren’t sure if knee sleeves are worth the investment?
Here you’ll find our selection of the very best knee sleeves for weightlifting and powerlifting 2021.
After years of researching, testing, reviewing, and speaking with experienced weightlifters, powerlifters, and bodybuilders about knee sleeves,
We decided to compile a top list of the best knee sleeves on the current market.


Best knee sleeves for weightlifting and powerlifting

Knee sleeve ise one of the most essential and useful gym gear for any weight lifter or powerlifter.
Knee sleeves are mainly used for joint protection, providing warmth, and stability to the knees when workingout.
With the right knee sleeve for powerlifting, you can feel secure when pushing yourself to the limit in the gym.
Another benefit is that some knee sleeves even allow you to lift heavier and increase your performances.

At the bottom of this page, we’ve included a complete knee sleeve buying guide with FAQ.

Rehband Knee Sleeves 7mm neoprene

Kicking off the list with our recommendation for the best overall knee sleeve.
Rehband is the most respected brand in the knee compression sleeves market yet today, and rightfully so.
Rehband has several different models of knee sleeves to choose from, and they’re all somewhat similar;
Made of high-quality neoprene material, well-thought-out design, and carefully crafted.

The one we prefer is the 7051 model royal Blue, made of quality fabric 7mm neoprene.
Provides excellent compression and support without slowing down your movement and flexibility.
And this is key, most knee sleeves fail to deliver this.
This is one of the reasons why Rehband compression knee sleeve is the best on the market for CrossFit® and other exercises that require a lot of movement.

Comfortable fit and is easy to put on and off with that and the durability makes the Rehband knee sleeve the best on the market for CrossFit® and other exercises that requires a lot of movement.
But also provides the highest support for heavy squats, powerlifting, bodybuilding, lunges, leg presses…

Provide legitimate compression and not just knee warmth, low-quality compression sleeves may only provide warmth but fail to give quality support and compression.
Using Rehband knee sleeve when working out can help to prevent unnecessary injuries in the longterm.

Rehband is made in Sweden. They take great pride in the durability of their knee sleeves and elbow sleeves.
When cheaper knee sleeves only last for several months, the Rehband knee sleeve will last for years.

Great set of knee sleeves for all forms of lifting.

As with every neoprene sleeve, you should wash them from time to time.

The only real downside with this knee sleeve is the price you are on a tight budget.

  • Provide legitimate support and compression
  • The best knee sleeve on the market for CrossFit® athletes
  • Great for beginners
  • Anatomical form-fitting
  • Very durable
  • Approved in competition
  • Sold as single and not in pair

Stoic Performance 7mm knee Sleeves

Stoic Knee sleeves weightlifting, powerlifting and crossfit

Stoic knee sleeves are made for professional level weight lifters, bodybuilding, powerlifting and strongman.
The quality of the knee sleeves is very impressive,

Provides a very tight and stable support that works perfect for both low reps and high reps gym-workouts.

Provides legitimate compression and support, helps you to add some extra weights to your squats to enable your full potential.
They’re relatively comfortable when compared to other stiff options on the market.

The added heat retention and compression provided by the unique ultra-high-density 7mm thick neoprene reduces aches and pains during exercise.
The sleeve has rubbers inside to ensure the sleeve stay secured during workouts without slippage.

A durable knee compression sleeve crafted with high-quality neoprene and their unique “unbreakable Construction” (Patents Pending on the way they stitch their knee sleeves) .

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We are big supporters of Stoic as a brand.
Their knee sleeves, elbow sleeves, wrist wraps are all made in impressive quality.
They are definitely the real deal when it comes to compression and support gear for weightlifting and powerlifting athletes.

With 30cm length and 7mm thickness to support the highest level athletes in weightlifting, bodybuilding and powerlifting.
Competition Legal (IPF, USAPL, USPA, IPL, AAU).

May not be the best pair of knee sleeves for beginners and recreational trainees as they are stiff and not flexible.

  • Perfect pair of knee sleeves for the serious weightlifting athletes
  • Provides legitimate, high quality support
  • Ensures stability and tight fitting
  • Great for the heaviest lifts
  • Triple reinforced seam for extra durability
  • Approved in competition
  • 30cm length for more maximum coverage and support (longer than most knee sleeves)
  • Stiff – may not be the choice for beginning weight lifters

Iron Bull Strength 7mm Knee Sleeves

Best knee sleeves for weightlifting and powerlifting 2021 reviewed

The Iron Bull Strength weightlifting sleeves are made of 7mm quality neoprene with 4-seam stitching.
Many brands selling this type of compression sleeve, the main purpose of the 4-seam stitching design of compression sleeves is to keep the knees warmth give support to avoid unnecessary injuries.

We noticed that the Iron Bull Strength sleeves provide a much more snug and tight fit comparable to other 4-seam options that we have reviewed.
The support allows your knee joint to not be under so much tension when lifting heavy loads and will add a bit of extra weight to your lifts.

They fit perfectly and always stay in place, but still flexible enough for any weightlifting or powerlifting exercise.
You can wear long pants while wearing them without any discomfort. In fact, you may actually forget that you are wearing them, which is awesome in the gym when doing different exercises.
Despite being very supportive, they’re relatively comfortable when they’re compared to other stiff options on the market.

If you have an existing knee injury, then this product is not going to save you. That is not the purpose of this product.

The sleeves are comparable to the famous SBD knee sleeves, but at half the price and with a wide range of different colors and cool designs to choose from.

Overall, a great set of knee sleeves for bodybuilding, powerlifting, and in all forms of lifting.
Value-wise, among the worthiest knee compression sleeve you can find.

  • Great support for heavy duty
  • Anatomical form fitting design
  • For both Men and Women
  • Will always give you adequate warmth for recovering injury
  • Good price
  • Perfect for Heavy squats
  • Feels bulky in high reps sessions (may not be for CrossFit athletes)

Slingshot STrong Knee Sleeves by Mark Bell

Slingshot STrong Knee sleeves

Mark Bell’s Slingshot Strong knee sleeves hugs your knees extremely tight and provide a lot of stability when lifting heavyweights.
Very durable compression sleeve and guaranteed to handle the heaviest squats, lunges, leg presses in the gym.

If you are looking for a compression sleeve for lifting to keep your knee warm and mobile, then these sleeves may not be your best choice.
The knee wrap is simply not as comfortable and movable as Rehband, for instance.

Has a unique design with a pending patent design that utilizes a single seam to create less irritation while working out.

Used by the world’s top powerlifters and strongmen to deliver the highest quality for the heaviest duty.
You may have seen 4 times the world’s strongest man Brian Shaw wearing those. That’s how reliable they are when it comes to ultra heavy duty

Our number one choice for professional strongman and ultra heavy duty.
Still, it only reaches #4 on our top-list of the best knee sleeves for weightlifting and powerlifting,
simply because of the price and the high competition of sellers.

  • Offers the Highest quality for the heaviest duty
  • Super durable
  • Approved in competition
  • Pricey
  • Very few colors and designs to chose from
  • Not for the recreational gym-goer

Mava Sports knee compression sleeves

Mava Sports knee compression sleeves

Mava Sports 7mm knee sleeves are made to promote muscle recovery as well as prevent injuries.
The sleeves offer that little help with knee discomfort and pain, osteoporosis, arthritis, and tendonitis.

The Mava Sports neoprene knee sleeve has pleasing ergonomic design that adjust to the shape of your knees; this delivers both compression and support.
The stitching throughout this knee sleeve is double reinforced for max strength and durability.

Very comfortable to wear and always stays in place, will not slip or unroll between your sets in the gym.

This is basically Mava Sports version of Rehband knee sleeve.
They have a lot of similarities and both are great for intense training such as CrossFit.

Thought we don’t get the same quality feel as with the Rehband, when it comes to compression and durability.

But stil good enough to reach number 5 on our list, a price worthy choice.

  • Anatomically and ergonomically shaped
  • Relieves muscle stiffness and soreness
  • Great for CrossFit athletes
  • For both Men & Women
  • Many different sizes and colors
  • Sweat build up within the sleeve
  • Rapidly absorbs odor

Nordic Lifting Knee sleeves 7mm

top 5 knee sleeves weightlifting review

The knee sleeves fromNordic Lifting is another 7mm neoprene sleeve with 4-seam reinforced stitching.

The 100% neoprene material is flexible but offers thick compression support at the same time.
Make the sleeve perfect for all types of gym athletes and fitness enthusiasts.
For both men and women.

Of course, those sleeves are very similar to other 7mm neoprene sleeves with a 4-seam design.

Overall a decent choice if you are on a budget and want to take advantage of a pair of knee sleeves.

  • Form fitting, comfortable to wear
  • Great for Crossfiters
  • Great for recreational trainees
  • 1 year warranty
  • Will stretch out after regularly used
  • Not even close to the same quality as the Rehband 7m neoprene sleeve

Bear KompleX knee sleeves


Bear KompleX knee sleeves  Like many other knee sleeve brands, the Bear Komplex sleeve is made of 7mm neoprene but has a unique design fitting design.

It offers slightly less flexibility but a more stable and snug fit.
Which makes them better for heavyweight lifts (low reps) and less good for high reps exercises.

Like other sleeves made of 7mm neoprene, they provide joint warmth and compressive support for squats and other leg-workouts.
Bear KompleX knee sleeves come in 8 different various designs and colors and a lot of sizes.

Make sure you get the correct size for you, if you don’t find the correct size the product will do nothing for you.

They are very stiff and hard to put on. It definitely takes some time to break them in.

  • Great compression and support for heavy duty lifts
  • More durable then other similar sleeves
  • Cool design
  • Has a unique contoured Fit
  • Very stiff and uncomfortable if worn for longer periods
  • Somewhat pricey

Gymreapers Knee Sleeves for weightlifting and powerlifting

best in test reveiw of gymreapers

Gymreapers knee sleeves are also made of 7mm neoprene and with a 4-seam design.
Great product for beginners who want to take the next step with their workouts.

The purpose of the sleeve is the provide warmth for the joints to protect against injuries and for muscle recovery.
Your knees will always get protection when you are wearing them.
You will feel comfortable and relaxed doing any leg exercises.

Good enough set of sleeves to reach our top list,
but nothing too special about them.
Very similar to Nordic Lifting and Mava Sports knee sleeves.

You do get a gym-bag as a bonus if you purchase on Amazon, which of course adds up the value.

  • Stretchable neoprene material
  • Form fitting, great for beginners
  • Affordable
  • Gym bag included
  • Rapidly absorbs odor
  • Not made for heavy duty

Fitnessery Knee Sleeves for Weightlifting and Powerlifting

Fitnessery knee sleeves review

Value is what Fitnessery knee sleeves is about.
We were very skeptical to these sleeves because the amazing price, but they are legit!

Provides great knee support while lifting heavy weights.
These knee sleeves are great for preventing knee injury and healing existing ones.

Contoured triple stitched seams and reinforced stitching at the top and bottom for extra durability and to make sure they do not slip while working out.

A great choice for beginners and new lifters who wants to take advantage of knee sleeves, but can not afford the more expensive ones.

  • Inexpensive price – Value, with a gym bag included
  • Great choice for new lifters
  • Well Priced  (Again) 
  • A bit too stiff

ProFitness Knee Sleeves for Powerlifting and Weightlifting

ProFitness knee sleeves

Well-made pair of compression sleeves from ProFitness.
Made of 7m neoprene and provides good support, warmth, and compression.

Definitely seems more durable than most compression sleeves,
does not stretch-out as easily as other sleeves in the same price range do.

But they’re a bit too tight at the top of the sleeve, which makes them uncomfortable to wear in longer sessions.

Overall, ProFitness 7mm knee sleeves are a decent choice at an affordable price if you want the more bulky and durable neoprene sleeves

  • Strong compression – Great for low rep squats
  • Provides a tight and stiff support
  • Affordable price with a gym bag as a bonus
  • Durable
  • Too tight at the top edge of the sleeve
  • Uncomfortable
  • Not for flexible workouts

Which is the best knee sleeve for weightlifting and powerlifting

Make no mistake about it; the difference between a decent pair of knee sleeves and a high-quality set of lifting knee sleeves is significant.
The high amount of different compression products and different brand recommendations can be very overwhelming and confusing.


Compression sleeves are made out of, neoprene, synthetic, nylon, polyster or rubbers.
The 7mm neoprene sleeves is the most common one the most prefered.

The compression sleeve for weightlifting should be 5-7mm thick.
A knee sleeve beyond 7mm in thickness is actually against the rules in powerlifting contests.
Besides that, a neorpene sleeve thicker than 7mm is very uncomfortable to wear.

5mm knee sleeve may be useful for beginning weight lifters. But it won’t provide any quality support for the heavier duty and lower reps squats.
7mm thickness is definitely the one we recommend.

The sleeve’s shape and design

Some knee sleeve has a wider or more narrow top opening.
The wider ones are easier to slide on and off, but also allows a more comfortable fit for higher reps-workout and provides more mobility.
The more narrow knee sleeve give a very tight and steady fit with less mobility.

We only reviewed the best knee sleeves for weightlifting and powerlifting. Not any other type of exercise.

Hopefully this will help you to buy the ideal knee sleeves for you, after your specific needs and that will serve you efficiently for a long time.

Knee Sleeve Buying Guide

What is the benefits of knee sleeves

Heavy-duty lifters benefit the most from wearing knee compression sleeves when lifting.
The reason for that is, the heavier you lift; the more pressure and stress on the knees.

Heavyweight lifters in powerlifting, bodybuilding and strongman usually want a very snug and tight fit with
durable and thick compression.

Beginning weight lifters with poor lifting-technique also benefits tremendously long-term by wearing knee sleeves for their gym-workouts.
People training with poor technique have a disadvantage, and they will simply need a little support to avoid unnecessary injuries.

For the more novice athlete, a slightly looser fit than the professional powerlifter is recommended.
But the compression sleeve fits too loosely, then the benefit of wearing knee sleeves disappears.

Everything is individual – people doing certain exercises requires different support and needs than others.
The most important if that you find a sleeve that provides sufficient support for your specific needs.

Now, keep in mind that you might not need to put on knee sleeves for every weight lifting exercise. If your knees are not involved as the primary source of lifting:
then you don’t need the knee sleeves.

Hopefully, this will help you to find the best knee sleeves for weightlifting, powerlifting, or other gym workout that is ideal for your specific needs.

Knee Sleeves FAQ


Most knee sleeves will stretch to some extent.
We find that low quality knee sleeves, sold by random sales company lasts a few weeks, if lucky a few months.
That’s why you need to make sure you purchase quality made sleeves.

Well-made knee sleeves should last atleast a few years.


For weightlifting and powerlifting knee sleeves should have a good tight fit, but they should not be cutting off your circulation.
As tight as possible but you need to feel comfortable walking, if you are not then that’s a sign that your knee sleeves are too small.

Knee Sleeves and Why You Need Them

While you will most likely see a lot of knee sleeves for powerlifting, they can generally be applied to other exercises as well.
A lot of the time, people confuse knee sleeves for knee braces. The difference, however, is that while a knee sleeve provides support, it doesn’t necessarily work in the same way that a knee brace might.
Knee braces are used to prevent previous injuries from getting worse, but knee sleeves are used to prevent against injuries altogether. Read more about the advantage of wearing knee sleeves post injury.
The best knee sleeves for 2019 will also provide a compression element, which in turn reduces pain and boosts blood flow. The compression element is important, as it boosts blood flow through the blood vessels of the knee.
Knee sleeves are usually made from neoprene, and they slide on over the knee. Simply, they help ensure that pain is kept to its minimal point. They provide warmth, reduce the movement of the knee caps, and boost proprioception.
Simply put, we recommend all intermediate and advanced lifters to use knee sleeves and take advantage of it’s benefits.

The Need for Knee Sleeves

Most of the time you will find that lifting a force that involves quite a lot of mass; you lifting something that is obviously heavier than yourself, require quite a lot of knee grinding.
When this gets too much, you run the risk of getting what is known as progressive tendonitis.
Research has shown that almost one in twenty Americans who are older than the age of 50 have artificial knees; this means over 4 million people do.
If that is that happens to the average population, you can imagine the scenario for athletes and the people who do weightlifting exercises on a regular basis.

All in all, if there is any point in time when you believe your knees are left vulnerable and weak, then you could definitely make use of some knee sleeves. They will prevent knee injuries to some extent and see to it that your knees last longer and are in good shape.

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